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Work Camping Digital Conference

A 2 day digital event uncovering the world of Work Camping & Seasonal Jobs

Learn how and why working along the way can help cut your travel costs, lead to new adventures, and help you start RVing faster than you expected!

December 3rd-4th 9am-2pm PST

(1.) Do you want to start or extend your RV travels?
(2.) Would you like to cut the costs of full-time RV life?
(3.) Have you retired but want to stay active?
(4.) Do you need to make money while traveling?
(5.) Are you dreaming about RV adventures? 

Let's Go Work Camping!

Get Inspired About Seasonal Jobs for RVers. 

Learn how and why working along the way can help cut your travel costs, lead to new adventures, and help you start RVing faster than you expected!

Have you ever wondered what Work Camping really entails? Are you thinking about possibly picking up a few seasonal jobs while you travel to lower your expenses?

If so, this Work Camping Digital Conference is perfect!

Join us Dec. 3rd & 4th for over a dozen video sessions with an amazing lineup of Special Guests including Workamping RVers and RV employers- who will talk about the specifics of their own work camping programs!

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December 3rd-4th 9am-2pm PST

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9 am: Welcome Session

- Daily Welcome + Intro to Workamping & Seasonal Jobs

10 am: Breakout Sessions

- Workamping as a Couple

- Work Camping at Wall Drug

- Workamping at AlaskaX

11 am: Live Q&A Panel

- Mail Forwarding with Escapees RV CLub

12 pm: Breakout Sessions

- Adventureland Jobs: Helping People Fave Fun!

- Flexibility + Customer Service is a Recipe for Happy Workamping

- Adventures at the Sugar Beet Harvest

1 pm: Breakout Sessions

- Live & Work at the Grand Canyon

- Workamping My Way - Jobs While RVing on My Terms

- Work Camping in Idaho State Parks

2 pm: Wrap Up Session


9 am: Welcome Session

- Daily Welcome + Workamping Resumes & Interviewing

10 am: Breakout Sessions

- Work Camping Outside the BOX

- Finding Your Community on the Road

- Making Time For Fun: Work Camping for Adventures

11 am: Live Q&A Panel

- Domicile For RVers with Shawn Loring

12 pm: Breakout Sessions

- Family Volunteers, Lasting Impacts

- Budgeting for BIG Adventures in Work Camping

- Plan to Have a Plan B - Why Being Resourceful is Best for RVers

1 pm: Breakout Sessions

- Work Camping in the Pine Barrens

- Workamping with Kids

- Work Camping at Jackson Trading Company

2 pm: Wrap Up Session


The Work Camping Digital Conference is taking place on a computer screen near you December 3rd & 4th, 2021. 

Sessions are scheduled 9am - 2pm Pacific Time, but you may see the times listed on your schedule in your time zone. 


Yes! These sessions have been pre-recorded to ensure our guest speakers were able to participate and had an adequate internet connection to record the videos. 

You will be able to chat with speakers as well as fellow attendees and our staff in the live chat featured beside each video. 

***Pre-recorded videos are still scheduled to go live at a specific date and time during the event, so please mark your calendars for the sessions you would like to attend.


Yes! Our Daily Panels will be live and you'll be able to attend at their scheduled date and time to interact with fellow attendees and speakers. 

Make sure to have your questions read to go! These sessions are only scheduled for an hour time slot but we want to make sure we answer as many questions as possible. 

Have your questions ready, based on the topic, and you'll be able to drop them into the chat box so our panelist can answer them live on screen.


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It will give you access to attend any live session on the calendar as it is scheduled.


No worries! We have 2 options available for people who are not able to attend the event during the live run time. We offer two options for paid tickets which would include access to all sessions after the live event, so you can replay and rewatch as many times as you need!

Premium & Premium+ tickets are available based on the length of time you would like to have access to the replays. Choose either 3-6 months, and as an extra bonus we've included special discounts with the Premium+ ticket.


If you have a FREE ticket you can easily choose which paid ticket you'd like to have, and add it to your cart.

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